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Health Insurance

Health insurers are under increased pressure to improve the way they do business. But inefficient business processes, lengthy claims processing and outdated information management strategies are proving to be formidable roadblocks to demonstrating value to those who purchase healthcare benefits. To overcome the roadblocks, health insurers must shift from a reactive to a proactive stance by predicting – and responding to – challenges before they occur.

Such predictive power is available to you from Calculx . Our solutions provide a gateway to business intelligence, enabling you to gather data from your existing transactional foundation systems and transform it into critical business knowledge. Our health insurance solutions are comprehensive, offering everything you need to make solid business decisions, align actions with business strategy, improve your operational efficiency and, ultimately, increase your bottom line results.


The Insurance industry is competitive, cyclical and (by definition) exposed to every possible risk. These risks can often be long-term and hard to define, leading to challenges around pricing and reserving. The industry needs capital to ensure it can meet its obligations but exactly how much capital is dependent on changing regulatory and reporting requirements.

Calculx enables you to build stronger, more profitable customer relationships by providing a single view of your policyholders so you can efficiently and cost-effectively deliver services that meet their needs. Real-time analytics help you make timely and relevant offers, regardless of the channel, while integration of your front-office and back-office processes into a comprehensive system delivers the ROI you need to succeed.