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Powerful Technologies Like SAP, ORACLE and MICROSOFT

Enterprise Mobility

This is the era of mobile phones – powerful portable devices that keep you connected to the world at any given moment. The mobile phone has made our lives much easier – with just a swipe of the screen, we gain access to any piece of information we want. At Calculx, we understand the power of this convenient device and work to offer it the attention it deserves. Working on a wide range of applications, our teams are experienced in different technologies, leading platforms and operating systems. Our skilled and dedicated engineers work to deliver the product exactly the way you want it.

The ever-growing community of mobile phone users inspires us to stay up-to-date with the latest innovations and technologies. The developers at Calculx have access to the latest tools, frameworks and SDKs to engineer cutting edge applications for your mobile platform. Our teams build robust yet fluid software using superior design, disciplined implementation, keen analysis, and meticulous testing methods. Moreover, their commendable teamwork and customer oriented attitude sets them apart from the rest.

We realise the potential of a good mobile application and the vast impact it can create on a business. Our goal is to create powerful, user-friendly and aesthetic applications. A successful mobile app can accelerate the growth of your business unlike poorly designed ones which tend to drive away your user-base and decrease your popularity. It is important that you assign this task to someone who understands the far reaching impacts of quality application development.

To give us the opportunity to work with you means to be confident that the final application will conform to all-important standards for design, architecture, testing and documentation.