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Business Process Outsourcing

Calculx’s Business Process Management solution offers you a unified, highly scalable platform for designing, orchestrating, monitoring, and optimizing your business processes. Convenient graphical tools speed process modelling and deployment, while the process execution engine orchestrates workflow and queue management, rules-based automation, system-to-system integration, and event notification services. Process analysis and activity monitoring components provide information to improve business performance insight, achieve compliance, and maximize operational efficiencies

Key Benefits

Process design and configuration tools — Deliver comprehensive, easy-to-use capabilities for design and configuration of processes without coding. Process engine — Orchestrate complex business processes and work queues.

External system integration — Integrate processes with external systems, applications, and data sources, leveraging a standards-based framework.

Process analysis — Discover, design, and understand processes, using sophisticated analysis, simulation, and optimization functions.

Business activity monitoring — Track operational processes in real time to provide performance dashboards, alerts, and reports.

Enterprise collaboration — Enable group participation in processes that require collaborative steps. Content-aware services — Calculx BPM offers management features such as check-in, check-out, indexing, search, renditions, and notifications as part of your business processes