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Powerful Technologies Like SAP, ORACLE and MICROSOFT


The automotive industry is changing beyond recognition in an age of tough global competition. Margins are shrinking even as customer expectations are growing. Calculx Automotive consultants develops and delivers industry focused solutions to address these rapidly changing industry requirements. Whether you are a large automobile manufacturer or a global component supplier, Calculx Technologies domain knowledge and expertise can enhance your global competitiveness. Our automotive-focused consultants have worked their way from operational to managerial roles in the industry and have a deep knowledge of the processes and functions. Spanning product design, production planning, plant operations, process automation, supply and distribution chain management, logistics, human resources, business administration and finance. Experience in developing complete solutions for the automotive industry integrated with Calculx practices, Calculx has played a key role towards modernizing enterprise operations to global standards, and becoming an efficient and profitable global player.

The unit integrates its in-depth knowledge of technology platforms, profound understanding of business needs and world-class expertise; coupled with its joint venture partnerships offer end-to-end IT and engineering solutions.

New Direction & New Destination:

The Automotive Centre of Excellence provides additional value to our automotive clients and at the same time enhances the automotive competency of the business unit.

Improves the domain competency of the unit by providing domain knowledge and support to project teams

Identifies trends in the Automotive Industry

Develops solutions to meet industry needs in a proactive manner

Automotive Domain Orientation Series has been introduced to provide a macro level understanding of the Global Automotive Landscape to our associates.